Miva Open University hosts a Masterclass with Honorable Munira Suleiman Tanimu.

Miva Open University hosts masterclass with Honorable Munira Suleiman Tanimu.

Miva Open University hosted a transformative masterclass session featuring Honorable Munira Suleiman Taminu on March 8th, 2024, at its Abuja campus. Honorable Munira is presently the only female member-elect representing Lere East Constituency in the Kaduna State House of Assembly. The session revolved around the critical role of youth participation in shaping the future of governance.  

Hon. Munira shed light on the abundance of talented young individuals who often lack adequate encouragement. She urged young people to take initiative and actively pursue their aspirations. Highlighting the power of technology and social media, she stressed the importance of using these platforms to showcase one’s talent and passion.

 The masterclass also delved into the challenges faced by women in Northern Nigeria, particularly regarding their participation in decision-making processes. Hon. Munira expressed her determination to break these barriers and inspire other women to do the same. “I want to change the narrative, especially for the northern women. It’s quite difficult for northern women to be part of the decision-making process. So I wanted to break that glass ceiling. I wanted to break that barrier to show the northern women that, hey, there’s always a way out; we can’t just try once and twice and say we’ve given up.” 

Miva Masterclass

Collaboration between generations emerged as a key theme. While acknowledging the value of experienced leaders, Hon. Munira emphasized the need to integrate the energy and fresh perspectives of young people into governance. 

For aspiring young politicians, the session offered valuable guidance as she recommended actively engaging in community activities, attending local events, and understanding challenges faced at the ground level. This grassroots experience can serve as a strong foundation for a political career. She also mentioned the importance of education and its importance in achieving our dreams. particularly for girls in northern Nigeria, where access is limited in some areas, was also emphasized by

Financial independence was another crucial point addressed by Hon. Munira.  She advised young individuals to strive for some degree of financial autonomy before seeking external support for their goals. “When you start with your income, when you start implementing your ideas and bringing them to life with your income, others will see what you have and support you, but by the time you don’t have anything on you and you just have the ideas and you keep running to other people to support you, when they don’t see that dream of your life, they will not help or encourage you.” Hon. Munira said.

This insightful masterclass provided Miva learners with valuable takeaways and encouraged them to actively participate in shaping their future. The recording of the session is available on the Miva Open University YouTube channel (@mivauniversity).

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