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School of Allied Health Sciences

B.NSc. Nursing Science

This programme is designed to prepare individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful nursing career in the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

NOTE: You must have a Registered Nurse Certificate with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria to enrol for this direct entry programme.

If you do not meet this requirement, you can consider our  BSc. Public Health Programme.

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Introduction to Nursing Science

Start your bachelor’s degree in Nursing Science

As a graduate, you will be well-prepared to pursue diverse professional pathways in Nursing. Our faculty members are knowledgeable, accomplished, and experienced in their fields. They bring a wealth of knowledge and real-world insights into the classroom. Their diverse backgrounds, ranging from industry leaders to seasoned academics, enrich the learning experience by providing practical perspectives and cutting-edge research.

Why you should apply;

Applications for May 2024 admission is ongoing.

Apply before 31st May 2024, to secure your place. Discount applies for full year’s payment.

Programme Summary

Study Level

B.NSc. Nursing Science

Study Duration

8 Semesters

Mode of study

Blended Learning

Tuition per session



Tuition per semester


Maximize your learning with powerful Virtual Reality Technology

Enhance your learning with immersive, interactive virtual reality nursing simulation that bridges the gap between classroom theory and real-world practice.
With our powerful VR technology, you’ll have a standardized experience that immerses you in lifelike scenarios, maximizes your engagement, and develops clinical reasoning, decision-making, and communication skills that get you more engaged, develop new skills and prepare you for your future career.


Programme Outline

The bachelor’s in Nursing programme’s curriculum has been meticulously crafted to equip individuals with the essential knowledge and skills required for a prosperous nursing career within the dynamic healthcare environment.

1st Semester Units
Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2
General and Systemic embryology 2
Anatomy of upper and Lower Limb 3
Introductory Physiology and Blood 2
Biochemistry – General and Medical I 2
Foundation of Professional Nursing Practice I 2
Developmental Psychology 1
General Biochemistry Practical 1
2nd Semester Units
Renal and Body Fluids Physiology 2
Anatomy of Thorax, Abdomen,Pelvis and Perinium 3
Biochemistry – General and Medical II 2
Foundation of Nursing II 2
General and Cellular Pathology 2
1st SemesterUnits
Pharmacodynamics and Chemotherapy2
Community/Public Health Nursing2
Human Nutrition2
Nursing Ethics and Jurisprudence2
Medical -Surgical Nursing2
2nd SemesterUnits
Peace and Conflict Resolution2
Venture Creation2
Community/Public Health Nursing II2
Medical -Surgical Nursing II2
Medical Surgical Nursing III2
Medical Surgical Nursing Practicum II (SIWES)2
Mental Health Nursing I2
Pharmacodynamics and Chemotherapy II2
1st SemesterUnits
Medical-Surgical Nursing Practicum III3
Maternal and Child Health 12
Mental Health Nursing II2
Biostatistics 11
Research Methodology2
Management of Nursing Services2
2nd SemesterUnits
Maternal and Child Health Nursing II2
Maternal and Child Health Nursing Practicum I2
 Curriculum Development and Teaching Methodology2
Community/Public Health Nursing III2
1st SemesterUnits
Community/Public Health Nursing II Practicum2
Maternal and Child Health Practicum II2
Maternal and Child health Nursing III2
Health and Nursing Informatics2
Nursing Seminars2
Health Economics2
2nd SemesterUnits
Maternal and Child Health Nursing Practicum IV3
Community/Public Health Nursing IV2
Community/Public Health Nursing Practicum III2
Entrepreneurship in Nursing2
Research Project4

Admission Requirements

Entry requirements for B.NSc. in Nursing Science

Here’s what you need to study for a bachelor’s programme at Miva Open University. NOTE: Admission for B.N.Sc. Nursing Science is only available for 200 level.

A copy of your O’Level result

The result must include a minimum of five credits in the following subjects in not more than two sittings:
Note that JAMB results are NOT REQUIRED

Please note that submission of Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) results is not mandatory at this stage. However, upon admission to the university, the provided results will be thoroughly verified for authenticity and compliance with the stated criteria, including JAMB Regularisation.


Potential roles for B.NSc. Nursing Science degree holders​

Career Options

Learn on your terms with pre-recorded engaging and interactive videos on your educational journey for flexible, convenient, and self-paced study.


Payment Plans

Miva Open University offers a flexible payment plan for its degree programmes. You may choose to pay the year’s fee or per semester.

Tuition Per Semester

Pay Per Semester. No hidden charges. No additional costs.


Discount applies for full year’s payment.

Tuition Per Session

Pay Per Session. No hidden charges. No additional costs.



Discount applies for full year’s payment.


Common Inquiries Students Have About Our Nursing Programme

We’ve answered some of the most common questions students have.

While we acknowledge the importance of your O’Level results, admission to our BNSc. Nursing program requires a  Registered Nurse Certificate from the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria.

Admission for BNSc. Nursing Science is currently available as Direct Entry into  200 level.

You can apply to the School of Nursing of your choice. The application process typically involves submitting your O’level results, you will undergo 18 months of training,  followed by an interview or assessment. Successful completion of the program will grant you a registered nursing certificate, which you can then use to pursue a degree with us at Miva Open University.

A Nursing Degree from Miva Open University is recognized and licensed by the National Universities Commission. Registered Nurse (RN) Certificate from the Nursing and Midwifery Council is required for enrolment. 

Yes, a Nursing Degree from Miva Open University is valid for advancing your career internationally.

Admission to our Nursing program requires a Registered Nurse Certificate. Completion of 100L in Public Health does not fulfil this requirement.

Admission to our Nursing program requires a Registered Nurse Certificate. A Community Health Certificate alone does not fulfil this requirement.

To enrol into our Nursing program, you need to acquire a Registered Nurse Certificate from the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria. This certificate is a prerequisite for the direct entry program (200L).

We collaborate with accredited teaching hospitals for practical sessions and we will provide information about the hospital locations after enrollment.

Lectures and assessments will be conducted online and examinations will be held in person at our strategically positioned exam centres across all 37 states in Nigeria.