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BSc. Business Management

This degree caters to both recent high school graduates and individuals with prior business experience. It offers a comprehensive curriculum that provides a solid foundation in business principles and equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field.  Students will have the opportunity to specialise in specific areas within the business management field, such as
Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Product Management, Finance, or Marketing.

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Introduction to BSc. Business Management

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Programme Summary

Study Level

BSc. Business Management

Study Duration

8 Semesters

Mode of study

Blended Learning





Course Outline

Our curriculum is designed to provide students with the necessary competencies and insights crucial for success across a spectrum of roles in business management. The course encapsulates a comprehensive range of subjects, including strategic planning, operations management, marketing strategies, financial analysis, human resources, and leadership development.

100 Level – First Semester Unit
Communication in English 2
Nigerian People and Culture 2
Introduction to Business I 2
Basic Mathematics 2
Principles of Accounting 2
Elements of Economics 2
IT & Library Skills 2
Introduction to Supply Chain Management 2
100 Level – Second Semester Unit
Introduction to Computers I 2
Principles of Project Management 2
Introduction to Business II 2
Principles of Management 2
Business Ethics 2
Principles of Economics II 2
200 Level – First Semester Unit
Business Statistics 3
Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2
Principles of Business Administration I 3
Quantitative Analysis in Management 3
Leadership and Governance 2
Introduction to Financial Management 3
Elements of Marketing 2
Current Issues in Global Business 2
200 Level – Second Semester Unit
Philosophy, Logic, and Human Existence 2
Principles of Business Administration II 3
Green Management 2
Introduction to Financial Accounting 2
Business Communication 2
Business Environment 2
300 Level – First Semester Unit
Peace and Conflict Resolution 2
Venture Creation 2
Management Theory 3
Human Resource Management 3
Business Start-up 2
Production and Operations Management 3
Management Accounting 2
Business Law 2
300 Level – Second Semester Unit
Human Behavior in Organizations 3
Innovation Management 2
Financial Management 3
Small Business Management 2
E-Commerce 2
Supply Chain Management 2
Elements of Governments 2
Research Methods 2
400 Level – First Semester Unit
Business Policy and Strategic Management 3
Management Information System 2
International Finance 2
Project Management 2
Research Project 2
Internship 3
400 Level – Second Semester Unit
Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving 3
International Business 3
Analysis for Business Decision 3
Business Analytics 2

Admission Requirements

Entry requirements for BSc. in Business Management

The entry requirements for a bachelor’s degree in Business Management at Miva Open University are stated below:

A copy of your A’ Level or O’Level result
The result must include a minimum of five credits in the following subjects in not more than two sittings:
Note that JAMB results are NOT REQUIRED

Please note that submission of Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) results is not mandatory at this stage. However, upon admission to the university, the provided results will be thoroughly verified for authenticity and compliance with the stated criteria, including JAMB Regularisation.


Potential roles for BSc. Business Management degree holders​

Career Options

The field of business management is constantly evolving, so new and exciting career opportunities are always emerging. If you obtain a bachelor’s degree in business management, these are possible careers for you


Payment Plans

Miva Open University offers a flexible payment plan for its degree programmes. You may choose to pay the year’s fee up front or in two instalments.

Up to 18% discount

Pay Upfront

Pay the year’s fee upfront. No hidden charges. No additional costs.



per level

Pay in Instalments​

Pay in two instalments. An initial deposit of ₦150,000 and a second payment of ₦50,000. No hidden charges. No additional costs.



first instalment